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This has been one crazy long week. But a good crazy long. Those exist, right? I FINALLY finished editing my book! HUGE sigh of relief there. *sigh...* I had a deadline, too. Since I was going to print a few copies (meaning a lot), I absolutely needed to get done by Wednesday. Both front and back book covers, too. And I did. Fortunately, one of my friends already did the front cover, and I didn't need the back cover until Thursday, but the manuscript had to be done Wednesday morning, and it literally was done that morning. I still had about forty pages to go on Tuesday night, but I knew they weren't going to take me too long to go over since I had spent a lot of time on the ending in earlier drafts and was satisfied with what I had. After I got off work, I had the usual life stuff to do, so I didn't get to editing until late. And then I worked until midnight--because that's when I fell asleep. I woke up at two in the morning, then worked on the book until four, and it was done. Actually done. I got a little emotional, too, since I've been working on this story for a very, very long time. Yes, I did have to go to work the next day, and no caffeine was available, so that was fun. But I had great satisfaction in telling my coworkers who know I write about being finished, as well as all my friends who were cheering me on in those last stretches. Of course my overall work was not done yet. I still had to complete the back cover, which took me a while, too. And there also was my website to publish, which, I'm glad to say, I just did. Not to mention everything else still on my "To Do" list. I've never been one to keep To Do lists, but lately, for some reason, I've felt like it's the only thing that keeps me on track. And it has so far. I was so focused on finishing the editing that when I was done, I sort of forgot about everything else. Then when I looked at the list, I was able to focus on the next thing. I suspect the list will not last much longer. At least until everything is checked off. After that, I may need to pull out the list again in times like these when I have deadlines and a scattered brain. Good news: I got permission to sell a few of my copies at my work's book fair. I don't know if any of the students will buy it. Maybe none will. But it's still fun to think about. Before I was told I could, just the thought of getting my book out there was exciting. And scary. I guess every author faces the ultimate question, What if no one likes it? I was telling my Aunt Kathy about everything and she gave me one of her what I like to call, famous sort-of-lectures. She told me that not everyone will like it. I have to face that fact. The sooner I do, the sooner I can write again. If I worry about pleasing everyone, then I won't be really writing anymore, and I may just end up pleasing no one at all. Not even myself. I saw her logic. I mean, there are books I don't like. I don't think the author is a bad writer, I just don't like that particular story. It's kind of the same with songs. One of my favorite bands is Switchfoot, and though I love most of their songs, there are a few I don't really like. It doesn't make me like them any less. So, I guess it's the same with my stories. Aunt Kathy said if only one person likes the book, then only one person likes the book, and I did my job with telling that one person a good story. That shouldn't keep me from writing. And it won't. I enjoy writing so much. It's a great outlet for me, and I love it. That's all that matters. (Did I mention my aunt loves it when she's right? She's a lot like my dad in that way.) I'm still so nervous and excited. Nothing will change that. One of the PTA moms suggested I do a book signing. I'm not too sure about that. I, obviously, have never done a book signing before, so I have no idea how to go about it. What do you write in the book? "Hey, you. Glad you bought my book. Keep reading." ??? But everyone who knows seems to think it's a good idea to do the book signing, even though I keep telling them I do not like to be the center of attention. That's why I'm a writer and not a public speaker. I imagine myself passing out, and/or throwing up. I did joke that at least I won't have to ask most of them their names. Ha! I haven't made my mind up about the book signing, but I have a feeling they will be able to talk me into it. I don't know. We'll see if anyone buys it first.

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