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Randomeness About Me

    So, there's this girl who falls down stairs, and out of trucks. Add falling off a couple horses, and that's me. When I'm not being a klutz, I spend part of my time in Taekwondo, part of my time with my family and friends, and as much time as possible writing.

     I started writing when I was fourteen, scribbling down the stories and characters from my imagination. A few years before that, I had started to keep a constant diary. I never thought my life was particularly interesting, especially to someone else, so that's when I decided to start jotting down all the stories from my day dreams.

     My mom and dad were big supporters from the beginning. I know I would not have gotten this far without them encouraging me and constantly bugging me if I was done writing a story so they could read it. I've always been very picky about who reads my work before it's completely done, or at least nearly there.

     Writing is a huge outlet for me, and as my friends and family know, I always have a pen and paper with me. They don't even have to ask. I never know when inspiration will hit me, so it's good to be ready. And, yes, I have been teased when I'm in mid-conversation with someone, and my eyes slightly bulge for a second, and next thing we know, I'm quickly writing something down. It's my process. Everyone has one.

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