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Finding Home Again


Home is something Beth never seems to be able to find. Ever since the death of her mom three years before, she’s moved from city to city as her distant father struggles to keep a job. Then when he gets a position overseas, Beth is tossed into a strange house with her

aunt Korie, who reminds her so much of her mom. Small Town Missouri was the last place she wanted to be stuck in. Not only are secrets impossible to keep, but now she has to tolerate a cynical grandma and is surrounded by one of the things that scares her the most. Horses.

    Adjusting to a place where everyone knows everything is not easy for Beth. She has forgotten what it means to have a family and has lost all the hope she had in friendship. Even after she meets Josh and Danette, the siblings that live at the nearby ranch, and Tina, a girl with a ruler glued to her hand, who accept Beth for who she is. As Aunt Korie struggles to mend old, deep wounds with her niece, Beth wonders if the scars in her life will ever heal. Then one day, Aunt Korie brings home a broken and scarred horse with as much trust in people as Beth has. A horse Beth soon realizes she isn’t afraid of. But is it too late for them to learn how to trust again, and can Aunt Korie show Beth that it’s not the size of the family that’s important, but the people that belong to it?

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